DeVoll Picked up on Syndicated Radio Show!!!

Great news everyone! RRadio Music is adding Devoll and our track 'Creature of the Night' to their syndicated radio show 'Intro to Indie Artists' that will go out to their entire network of radio stations this week for broadcast. You can listen to the show now -

RRadio Music now playing DeVoll

RRadio Music now playing DeVoll

"Creature of the Night" on the 2018 Grammy Ballot!!

Hi Everyone :

We have amazing news!!

We were notified today that we have been placed on the Official Ballot for the 61st Annual Grammy Awards by The Recording Academy in the following categories:

Record Of The Year DeVoll - 'Creature of the Night'

Best New Artist DeVoll

Best Rock Performance DeVoll - 'Creature of the Night'

It's an honor to be placed on the ballot and we need your help to get into the Final Top 5 Nominees.

If you are a voting member of the Grammys, we ask for your consideration in voting for DeVoll.

Also, if you know someone else who is casting their vote in this year's Grammys, please forward this email and ask for their vote on our behalf.

If you're not a voting member, we would still appreciate you spreading the word to everyone you know about this great moment. After all, this has all happened because of your amazing support over the years.

Feel free to reach out to everyone you know by Email, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all other social media sites. Please share this message with as many people as possible!

Thanks so much for all of your help and consideration.


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Live Recording of "Creature of the Night" Soars

Great news everyone! With the help of our career strategy and publicity team Big Noise, our live video for 'Creature of the Night' is now our most popular video ever!! Check it out -

This was filmed at Lost on Main last December. We can't wait to go through all of your ideas for our official music video, contest ends 10/1/18. And if you want a first hand experience of the this song we will be playing at Lost on Main again on All Hallows Eve(10/31/18) for their 3rd Annual Chico-Ween show.